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About the Owners


Alyssa Hernandez "Lyssa"


Elizabeth Froehle "Liz"

Welcome to L & L Lavish Balloons and Decor, where passion meets creativity in the heart of the East Valley! Founded by two dedicated moms who turned their love for balloons and event planning into a thriving business, we are here to elevate your celebrations to unforgettable heights.


Our journey began with personal parties that quickly became a canvas for creativity. As two moms deeply immersed in the joys of family and friends, we discovered the mesmerizing world of balloons. The myriad of colors, intricate designs, and the sheer entertainment they brought to our gatherings sparked a vision that would soon evolve into L & L Lavish Balloons and Decor.


In 2023, we took the leap from personal celebrations to professional endeavors, driven by the desire to share our passion for balloons with the East Valley community. At the core of our business is the commitment to infuse every event with a wow factor. We understand that balloons are more than mere accessories – when done right, they are the soul of the party.


Working closely with our clients, we bring their visions to life. From vibrant color palettes to intricate balloon techniques, stunning backdrops, personalized customizations, and beyond – we specialize in transforming ideas into reality. At L & L Lavish Balloons and Decor, we believe that every celebration should be a masterpiece, and we strive to create an immersive experience that exceeds expectations.


Join us on this exciting journey, where balloons become the centerpiece of joy and celebration. Let us turn your events into memorable spectacles, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone in attendance. At L & L Lavish Balloons and Decor, we're not just in the business of balloons – we're in the business of crafting magical moments that last a lifetime.

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